Ine-Wilme Coetzee


An artist with a unique musical voice, Ine-Wilme Coetzee began her love of the cello at age five with Christine Bootland. She currently studies with Arnold Choi, principal cellist of the Calgary Philharmonic. She was a student in the Advanced Performance Program at Mount Royal University and recently received the ARCT Royal Conservatory of Music diploma. Ine has performed in numerous music festivals and competitions provincially and nationally, such as in the Canadian Music Competition. In 2013, Ine performed as soloist with the Medicine Hat Academy Orchestra under conductor Mélanie Léonard, former assistant director of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. An experienced chamber musician, Ine was a member of the award-winning YIP Piano Trio. In 2017, they received first prize at the Provincial National Class Chamber Music Festival and went on to represent Alberta in the National Music Festival in Ottawa. She is also a member of the Three Sisters Trio, an exciting new ensemble whose mission is to share the love of music with audiences around the world. For three years, Ine was a member of the New West Symphony and Choir. In her teaching, her goal is to give the gift of music and a voice through music to people of every age. She is passionate about teaching cello and piano to students of all ages and guiding them in discovering how to use these art forms as creative outlets. Teaching Philosophy I am a cellist because I believe the sound of the cello is the closest to the human voice and therefore the most effective medium with which to communicate a story of emotions to my audience. When I perform, I am at peace, able to communicate what I cannot express with words. I feel creative and thrilled to have the honor of telling a composer’s story created by living notes. My desire is to guide others in this same experience, in their own unique way. As a teacher I strive to help people of all ages and levels to have a voice with which to express themselves. No matter what language you speak, music is a universal language that can be understood by everyone, and is therefore relatable. This concept influences the kind of work that I lean towards. When I make decisions regarding the interpretation of a pieces, my goal is to always keep the composer’s intention in mind. I research and study the piece to the best of my ability before I start unpacking the story it contains. For example, I relate to Beethoven, and my interpretation of his music has been influenced by what I know about him and his life. I hope to communicate a deep understanding of music to all my students, inspiring them to find their own unique interpretations of great masterpieces. I believe that sound is your teacher, and my mission and goal in lessons is to guide students in how to practice, since practice is when most of the playing is done. Furthermore, regardless of the student's age, I strive to create a learning environment that is positive and encouraging while at the same time maintaining a high standard of excellence. I believe in my students, seeking out their strengths and working with these to bring out each student’s best. I aim to create a learning environment in which students will grow in their coordination, mental toughness, adaptability, and most importantly creativity, so that their minds are stimulated and they develop a deep joy in creating music.
Berklee College of Music in Boston - B.M Royal Conservatory of Music Associate - Diploma (First Class Honours) Mount Royal University Conservatory in Calgary - Advanced Performance Certificate Program