The Only Difference Between You and an Entrepreneur?

They Took the First Step.

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We have the resources and expertise to turn your idea into a business.

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What do you get when you partner with us?

Website Design

Don’t have a developer? Our team of website designers and developers can create a beautiful website for your business at no cost.


Need some extra cash to help get your business started? We can help with small investments and loans. We can also connect you with outside firms for larger amounts of funding.

Product Design

Our team of designers and developers can create the first version of your product or service to be ready for your first customers.


You have an incredible business idea, but getting your first customers can be hard! We can develop a marketing strategy and cover the costs of your first marketing campaigns to get your first paying customers.


Our partners can provide payment processing, banking, accounting, and any other financial help you may need.

No fees or commitment required. When you succeed, we succeed.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to use our services until your business is profitable. Simply put, we only make money when your business succeeds.
First, we will provide you with a free business plan outlining the steps we will take to turn your idea into a successful business.
If you like the plan and want us to help, we only ask for a small percentage ownership in your business.

Already own a startup but want help scaling?
We also offer paid services.
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The first step toward starting your business starts now. Let us know a good way to contact you and someone from our team will be in touch within 24 hours.
The confidentiality of your idea and application is extremely important to us. It will only be used to determine if you are a good fit for Virtu Ventures.
We will contact you within 48 hours if we think you’d be a good fit for Virtu Ventures. There is no cost or commitment required unless you decide to work with us after our first meeting.

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Your application is 100% confidential and will not be shared or used in any way other than to determine your eligibility to work with us.
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About Us

Our founding principles

Our mission is to provide the resources and expertise to ensure that anyone can start their own business. Our team of successful entrepreneurs knows how challenging it is to start a company, and we want to share everything that we’ve learned to help you start a successful business. By partnering with us, you will have access to our entire team of entrepreneurs that can help with everything from building a website to funding a marketing campaign.

Our Founders

Ben Steger and Bryan Rubin are the founders of Virtu.Academy, an online education platform. After winning a $10,000 grant from Oberlin Conservatory, they turned their idea into a multi-million dollar company in just over 2 years. Turning our idea into an 8-figure business has changed our lives, and we are passionate about using what we’ve learned to help others turn their ideas into a reality.

BEN STEGER is a serial entrepreneur with experience in biomedical research, education technology, and web developement. Prior to founding Virtu.Academy, Ben was a biomedical researcher at the National Insitutes of Health. In addition to Virtu Ventures, Ben is co-founder and CEO of Virtu.Academy.

BRYAN RUBIN has years of experience working as a director of marketing, video and photo producer, and social media manager. Prior to founding Virtu.Academy, Bryan was the head of marketing at Oberlin’s entrepreneurship department. He later worked in public affairs at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Bryan is also the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Virtu.Academy.