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Technology is venturing into a new frontier: It is upending and democratizing the world of music lessons.

— New York Times

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Teachers from institutions such as Juilliard and the Metropolitan Orchestra
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If you aren’t completely happy with your trial lesson, we will give you a full refund and find you a new teacher.

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Questions about Our Teachers

How does Virtu.Academy choose their teachers?


All our teachers are from top music conservatories, such as Juilliard or Oberlin. They also must have extensive teaching experience and be recommended by conservatory professors.

I'm not satisfied with my teacher. How do I switch?


We never expect you to pay for a lesson that you aren’t satisfied with. After your trial lesson, if you are not satisfied, please contact, so we can set you up with a new teacher.

I really like my teacher! How do I get the word out?


That’s great to hear! Our teachers always appreciate if you mention their name in a positive review on Google of Facebook.

Can I contact my teacher before my trial lesson?


If you would like to contact your teacher, you can add a message to the “new student information” form you received in your confirmation email. You may also email and we can pass along the message.

Why is the teacher I want not accepting new students?


Some of our teachers limit the number of students they can work with to ensure they have enough time to dedicate to each student. If you cannot find another teacher that looks like a good fit, please email and we can reach out to your desired teacher.

Do you have teachers that specialize in Suzuki or other special methods?


We do have teachers that specialize in most common teaching methods. If you would like to request one of these teachers, please email


The website says it's too late to make changes to my lesson, what do I do?


If it is fewer than 24 hours before your lesson, you will need to contact us at or call/text us at 202-919-8082 to reschedule.

How do I cancel or reschedule a lesson?


You can reschedule or cancel your lesson anytime online by clicking the “change/cancel” button in your confirmation email or logging in to your account.

What happens if I have an emergency and can't attend my lesson?


In certain cases, we are able to waive the late cancellation fees for emergencies. Please text or call 202-919-8082 as soon as possible to let us know.

When should I let my teacher know I can't attend my upcoming lesson?


If you need to reschedule or cancel a lesson, we require at least 24 hours notice to avoid late cancellation fees. You can reschedule or cancel your lesson anytime online by clicking the “change/cancel” button in your confirmation email or logging in to your account.

Questions about Lessons:

What do I need to begin lessons?


After choosing a teacher and purchasing a lesson, all you need is a computer with a built in microphone and webcam. After booking you will be sent a link that connects you with your teacher at the scheduled time with two clicks.

Are online lessons as effective as in-person lessons


Although there are some differences, multiple studies on distance learning, including a study from UNC, have shown that students are 36% more focused and perform 22% better when compared to in-person lesson. We also take advantage of Zoom’s High Fidelity Music Mode, which was developed in partnership with Yale School of Music. This ensures that your teacher can hear every detail of your playing during each lesson.

Can I reserve lessons without paying upfront?


You can also use the “reserve without paying” button to reserve lessons without being charged. 1 day before each lesson, any credits on your account will automatically be applied to those lessons. If you do not have any credits on your account from a package/subscription, you will be billed for that lesson individually.

Can I take a 45-minute lesson instead of 60 or 30-minute?


If you and your teacher agree that 45 minute lessons would be best for you, please email and we can provide you with a link to get those scheduled.

Can I split the time for one lesson between two people?


Each student should have their own lesson time booked in the calendar to ensure the teacher can create lesson plans for each student. If you have multiple children working with us, a package or subscription can be shared by both students for a larger discount. You can view those pricing options at

How far in advance can I schedule a lesson?


In general, you can schedule lessons up to 1 year in advance.

How soon can I schedule a lesson?


Our teachers generally require that you schedule a lesson with at least a 24 hours notice. That means that you should be able to have a lesson as soon as tomorrow!

How many trial lessons can I take?


Generally, each student is allowed to take one trial lesson per instrument. If you were not satisfied with your first trial lesson or would like to try out another teacher before making your decision, you ARE allowed to book an additional trial lesson with another teacher at the 50% off rate.

How do I schedule a regular lesson?


The easiest way to book lessons is to log into your account to redeem any lesson credits you have and book additional lessons. You can also schedule a lesson at

How do I schedule my first trial lesson?


You can view our teachers and purchase a 50% off trial lesson at From there, you can filter by instrument, experience level, genre, and age to find the perfect fit.


How do I cancel or pause my subscription?


You can pause or cancel a subscription at anytime by clicking the “change/cancel” button in your purchase confirmation emails or by logging into your account. If you have any trouble, you can email 24 hours before the next billing date, and we can ensure it gets cancelled for you.

When do my lesson credits expire?


Lesson credits never expire and rollover each month.

How do I book lessons using my package or subscription?


You can redeem your package or subscription by logging into your account and selecting the package or subscription you’d like to redeem. You can also click the “schedule” button in your purchase confirmation email.

I already bought a package or subscription, but I'm being asked to pay when booking more lessons. What do I do?


You will be able to redeem your package or subscription at checkout instead of entering your payment information. At checkout, you should see a “redeem” button where you can enter your code or email address to redeem any credits on your account. You can also use the “reserve without paying” button to reserve lessons without being charged. 1 day before each lesson, any credits on your account will automatically be applied to those lessons.

Does purchasing a package or subscription automatically book my lessons?


Purchasing a package or subscription will add lesson credits to your account but NOT schedule any lessons for you. You will need to log in to redeem those credits or click the “schedule” button in your payment confirmation email.

What's the difference between a package and a subscription?


A package is a one time purchase of a set number of lessons. Weekly and monthly subscriptions are billed every week or month for a set number of lessons.


Can I refund individual lesson credits, packages, or subscription payments?


If you are unsatisfied with your trial lesson, we can provide a refund. We cannot provide refunds, however, for any packages, subscriptions.

How do I refund an accidental purchase?


We are unable to refund unused packages or subscriptions. If you accidentally schedule a lesson, please email, and we can get it credited back to your account.

Can I be refunded for a lesson that was canceled by my teacher?


If a teacher cancels a lesson, you can reschedule that lesson free of charge.

Can I be refunded for a lesson that I canceled?


If you cancel a lesson at least 24 hours prior to the lesson, you will be receive a credit back to your account to use anytime.

When do I need to pay for my upcoming lessons?


If a lesson wasn’t paid for at checkout, any package/subscription credits will be applied automatically 1 day before the lesson. If you do not have any credits on your account, you will be charged automatically 1 day before the lesson.


How can I see all of my upcoming lessons in one place?


After you log in to your account, you will see all of your upcoming lessons as well as any packages or subscriptions on your account.

How do I reset my password?


If you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking the log in button then “reset my password”

How do I log in to my account?


You can log in to your account by clicking the log in button at

How do I create an account?


You can create an account by clicking “log in” on our homepage then clicking “Sign up here”. Please be sure to use the same email address you used when booking lessons.

Do I already have an account? / Why is my username not found?


We recently added our new dashboard feature, and you’ll need to register for a new account to view that, even if you have already registered or taken lessons with us. You can click the “log in” button on our home page then click “sign up here” to register for an account.